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Peace of mind about new regulations


We stay informed about new tax laws and regulations so that you don't miss important details or savings that might be available to you or your business.  We provide constant training internally and attend external conferences and training events to ensure we stay aware of key issues for our clients. 

You will save time

As a client of VKDCPA, you will gain time to devote to the things you love about your business – working with your clients, improving your product line or winning new business.   Give yourself the hours back that you have been spending on administration pieces that we can handle for you so you can take care of the things you love!

Have a sounding board for major financial decisions

Our business consulting services offer packages that provide monthly profit and loss statements, federal and state tax filing and we can become a silent partner for your financial decisions and a sounding board so you don't have to make tough decisions on your own. 

Avoid penalties

Mistakes can be costly! It is estimated that one in three business owners receive a tax penalty that cost them over $800 per year.  Especially when it comes to calculating federal, state and local employment taxes or filing payroll-related tax paperwork. 

Client Benefits